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Ted Cruz Endorses Conservative Candidate in CO

Sen. Ted Cruz shows once again why the presidential primary voters may have chosen the wrong presidential candidate by his endorsement of a real up incoming conservative in the Colorado Senate race. After losing in a hard-fought primary against Donald Trump Cruz is showing conservatives that his conservative agenda won't be deterred. Cruz gave his endorsement to Conservative Darryl Glenn a US Senate candidate in Colorado. Glenn got 70% of the votes cast at the Colorado GOP convention. The overwhelming support for the underdog came after a knock-out speech at the convention. The speech left conservative activist across the country taking a second look at the race and who they would support.

Sen. Ted Cruz is still a fly in the establishments ointment. Glenn isn't the establishment choice for the senate seat. If conservatives want to help the Mike Lee and Rand Pauls of the world supporting Darryl Glenn is the way to go. In a week that saw the nominee for the republican ticket attack the NRA over gun control and the Senate republicans falling in lock step behind Trump to take our rights. It's good to see someone making the case for conservatism instead of running from it.

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