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Nearly 650,000 Emails Recovered on Weiner Laptop; Warrant Obtained

An FBI official, close to the Anthony Weiner investigation said they've recovered close to 650,000

emails related to his case. The official also said a warrant has been recently obtained to search those emails. Although all of the emails aren't related to the Hillary Clinton private server investigation, a significant amount appear to be.

Former Congressmen Anthony Weiner is currently under investigation stemming from an alleged explicit relationship with a 15 yr old girl. FBI agents knew as early as a few weeks ago that the device contained emails related to the private server investigation.

FBI Director James Comey informed congressional leaders in a letter about the findings. The letter set off a firestorm of questions and criticisms due to the upcoming elections. The justice department also criticized the move by Comey describing it as inconsistent with department policy. Comey has come under fire from Republicans due to his handling of the Clinton investigation. The find has been described as significant by pundits in the media. In a Washington Times report on the matter, they said:

The FBI has obtained a warrant to search the emails found on a computer used by former Congressman Anthony Weiner that may contain evidence relevant to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to law enforcement officials.

One official said the total number of emails recovered in the Weiner investigation is close to 650,000 — though that reflects many emails that are not in any way relevant to the Clinton investigation. Officials familiar with the case said, though, the messages include a significant amount of correspondence associated with Clinton and her top aide Huma Abedin, Weiner’s estranged wife.

The agents investigating Clinton’s use of a private email server knew early this month that messages recovered in a separate probe might be germane to their case, but they waited weeks before briefing the FBI director, according to people familiar with the case.

FBI Director James B. Comey has written that he was informed of the development Thursday, and he sent a letter to legislators the next day letting them know that he thought the team should take “appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails.”

That missive ignited a political firestorm less than two weeks before the election. Almost instantly, Comey came under intense criticism for his timing and for bucking the Justice Department’s guidance not to tell Congress about the development. And his announcement means that Clinton could have to contend with the news that the FBI has resumed its investigation of her use of a private email server — without any real clarity on if its investigators will actually find anything significant — up to and beyond Election Day.

This may not be the last bombshell to rock the Clinton candidacy. According to recently released notes made by the FBI during their investigation of Clinton, the 33,000 emails they deleted may still exist. A story in the New York Post had this to say about it:

For months now, we’ve been told that Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 missing emails were permanently erased and destroyed beyond recovery. But newly released FBI notes strongly suggest they still exist in several locations — and they could be recovered, if only someone would impanel a grand jury and seize them.

In a May interview with FBI agents, an executive with the Denver contractor that maintained Clinton’s private server revealed that an underling didn’t bleach-clean all her subpoenaed emails, just ones he stored in a data file he used to transfer the emails from the server to Clinton’s aides, who in turn sorted them for delivery to Congress.

It's unclear what all this means for the election, primarily because millions of people have already voted. This, however, offers a new twist in an already historically rocky presidential election.

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