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Man poisons girlfriend with bleach to end her pregnancy, and what this says about society.

I recently read a story out of Pennsylvania, about a young man who has been accused of putting bleach in his girlfriend’s water. Why? He hoped that by poisoning his girlfriend, it would increase his efforts to kill the 2-month-old fetus she carried.

Theophilous Washington has been charged in Lancaster County with wreckless endangerment and criminal attempt to commit first-degree murder of an unborn child. Did you catch that? He's basically being charged with motive to kill a human being. I thought a "fetus" wasn't a person? Moving on...The father admitted to police that he, indeed, put bleach in his girlfriend’s water.” Prosecutors also said that Washington “had previously stated that he did not want the female to have the child.” The girlfriend later vomited and ended up in the emergency room. Where do I begin? This story is disturbing and yet, proves a major point when it concerns the fight over abortion. As an individual, I am a Christian first, a Republican second, and a woman third.

I am obviously pro-life, but my findings concerning abortion have not always been mainstream. I do not believe the ultimate goal should be the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. Many pro-life groups have made this their aspiration. Please understand, although I do not believe in protesting, I do support the right of life. My issue lies within the idea that Roe vs. wade can be overturned without a visitation of God in this nation. The war in Washington is really over morality. The policies and legislation being pumped through corridors on Capitol Hill is nothing more than men and women who believe they hold the answer of the human heart. Unfortunately, the matters of the human heart cannot be legislated by politicians. It cannot be regulated by policies that tell you what is right and what is wrong.

Only an entity larger than ourselves can sweep the hearts of Americans. My point? If Roe vs. Wade was overturned tomorrow, the crisis of the unborn would continue, and it would be more gruesome than ever. Women have been performing and receiving abortions for hundreds of years. Why would they stop now? This story proves this point. Except, in this case, a young man took the liberty and attempted to create the demise of an unborn child’s life, only because he didn’t want it. This is a horrific reflection of where we are in this nation concerning abortion. No, women are not drinking glasses of poisoned water, but they are still walking into abortion clinics every day.

We must understand as conservatives and as Christians, that nothing will change concerning abortion until the hearts of Americans are transformed; Otherwise, we’re fighting this battle in vain. By the way, the mother and child in question are both alive and doing well. We don't need more legislation over abortion. We need a visitation from the author of all life.

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