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Video: Classical Social Liberal Epic Takedown of SJW Leftist

Classical social liberal Jonathon Pie took to his youtube channel and gave an explosive rebuke of SJW (Social Justice Warrior) Leftism. After a stinging loss in the presidential election, the left has been decimated up and down the ballot. This loss signifies that Americans totally rejected the new left. Primarily because the left has adopted a totalitarian mindset from college campuses to the workplace.

Everyone that disagrees with them needs to be shouted down and demonized. There is no debating with the new left. If they don't get their way, they will use the levers of government to silence you and when that fails they will riot. We need to get back to when we had a civil debate.

Come out of your safe spaces and open your intolerant leftist minds. I have tons of respect for classic liberals. One of my closest confidants is a social liberal. We argue wildly about the issues. We don't name call mock, we listen to each other. I have zero respect for SJW leftist they're breeding an anti-liberty mindset. The Democratic Party has some soul searching to do, and I hope they're willing to see where they went off the rails.

Share this with any liberal friends because it's time we discussed things again.

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