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Video: 3000 Needy Starve After Govt. Inspectors throw away 700lbs of BBQ

I've heard it said that government would rather you starve than do something that goes against their edicts or regulations. A story out of Kansas City lends credence to this sentiment. A yearly BBQ festival set aside food that hadn't been eaten and was perfectly healthy. The Kansas festival in its fifth year of being held boast some of the best BBQ in the world. The excess food was to be given to local churches and homeless shelters once the festival had concluded.

Health officials showed up just before the food was to be served to needy people and claimed that because the food had not come from a "permitted establishment" it had to be destroyed. The inspectors threw away 700lbs of BBQ and to discourage the hungry homeless further, poured bleach on the food, it almost sounds spiteful.

The president of the organization that launched this initiative told reporters that they had only taken food that was piping hot or frozen. The president also said if the inspectors had bothered to ask, they would have told them that they kept the meat in a refrigerated truck.

You can't feed homeless people without jumping through a dizzying array of hoops. That's an utterly disgraceful predicament. Health inspectors claimed they discovered 700lbs of food had not been properly labeled and this led them to pour bleach over the food and toss it in the trash. This left 3000 people without food.

There should be more outrage when government causes 3000 people to go hungry because of someone in the bureaucracy showing up and not liking what they see. From what I can tell from the story, the Inspector turned up at the last minute, asked no questions, and simply reacted.

It's safe to assume given Kansas City's status with food, this BBQ was prepared by some of the best grillers in America. There are some that would argue these officials are only trying to keep these people safe. Those being served deserved to be informed of the risk but they should be the ones deciding on whether or not they want to partake.

This should be a national outrage. We stay in this perpetual state of asking "mother may I" to a government that's all too willing to overreach. This is exactly why so many are willing to go to jail to feed the homeless. I've said it before and I will say it again, government would rather you starve then eat something they don't approve of. They'll even whip out the bleach to make their point clear.

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