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CNN Pundit: We Don't Need White People Leading The Democratic Party Right Now

CNN Contributor Symone Sanders

CNN Contributor Symone Sanders

In a panel discussion, CNN Contributor and former Bernie Sanders spokesperson Symone Sanders said: “we don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now.” The incendiary comments came during a panel discussion on the role identity politics may be playing in Democrat defeats as well as who should be the head of the DNC in this new Republican majority environment.

The discussion about the direction of the party and key leadership positions have roiled the party in a vicious debate about its direction and tactics. Some figures in the Democratic party have been saying that the party should adopt a more moderate tone and that the DNC chair should reflect that. Others in the party want a more diverse and farther left wing candidate.

Former Vermont governor Howard Dean, who's often cited for his role in implementing the 50 state strategy. Using this strategy Democrats were able to win record seats across the country. The governor is the favorite among some in this moderate shift. They're looking for someone who can appeal to the rust belt voters who left them in droves to vote for President elect Trump. Former vice President, Joe Biden, has also been mentioned even though he hasn't thrown his hat in the ring whatsoever. The Democratic base, however, prefer Congressmen Keith Ellison. He's been a strident far left voice and was the first Muslim Congressman. The problem for some with Rep. Ellison is he has been marred by his ties to multiple anti-semitic groups.

The more radical factions in the party wants to go further left. Some say this would lead to more losses in the more union heavy rust belt. What the moderates are trying to do is restore the Blue wall. Failure to accomplish that would ultimately lead to the Democratic party becoming a bicoastal party for the next generations.

In closing her synops on who should head the DNC Sanders said, “I’m here for Millennials and the brown folk, okay." Ms. Sanders more or less wants the entire DNC at the uppermost level to be people of color. I found Ms. Sanders comments to be hilarious. Of course, it's a racist statement, but that's par-for-the-course with the left. My only problem in this panel discussion was the lack of surprise or push back from the host or other panel member. This is exactly why the left will continue to lose. I can assure the rural blue counties see this spectacle and aren't amused one bit. The majority of Americans love diversity, but this isn't what Ms. Sanders was advocating for. The Democratic party leadership knows it's at a crossroads. It will be fun watching them flesh out what kind of party they want to be going forward.

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