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The Midnight Rush an Avalanche of Last Minute Regulation

The Obama administration has been moving at breakneck speed to push through last-minute regulations. The administration has added over 80 thousand regulations to the federal register alone. The majority of these regulations are coming through the bureaucracy. Government agencies are creating rules that carry the weight of law. This is completely foreign to our constitution. The regulations wouldn't stand a chance of making it through the congressional process. Federal and state lawmakers have been fighting this in a number of ways. They've been successful in the courts on a few rules. We didn't touch on this aspect that much in the video, but there are some links below. There are some reforms on the table to remedy the out of control regulatory state. It's yet to be seen as to whether the President-elect will take up these bills or not. I don't have a lot of hope that an executive would voluntarily give up his powers or that Congress would even press the issue. These reforms need to happen because we won't always be in the majority or the White House. This is something to press for as we move forward.

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