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Is it time to admit the VA is a national disgrace?

The VA is back in the news again with another utter failure. After multiple high-profile scandals just in the past few years is it time to admit the VA is a national failure? The VA has been proven to have structural deficiencies. It has also been proven to have a corrosive culture. The bureaucracy is slow and unmoving. This agency has been in perpetual dysfunction for decades. The latest example of the failings at the VA come from Oklahoma and Arizona.

A patient in Oklahoma died while in the care of the VA. They discovered maggots in the man's wounds. The patient's son told a story all too familiar with staff not listening to his concerns. He complained of generally subpar care. The second story is out of the Arizona. The states VA system has been in the news before back in 2014 when they dealt with a wait time scandal that led to the resignation of the VA Secretary. The reality is we have a ton of work to do to reform this agency. If you have any VA horror stories, we want to know. Email us here

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