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The Stunning Hypocrisy Of The Women's March

As you may know, a Women’s March is taking place across the United States and abroad on January 21, just one day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. It is being reported that as many as 2.5 million are estimated to be in attendance. Music artist, political activist, actors, Planned Parenthood, pro-gun control groups, CAIR, and many other pro-women/human rights groups are said to be in attendance. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of WHY these women have gathered. Shall we?

Black American's

Let’s start with the black women who are present. Let me see if I can break this down so that we can all understand. In the last three years, we have watched black men and women make it a point to bring the slogan “black lives matter” to the forefront of society and politics. They've spoken out and fervently protested against law enforcement and accused them of “black genocide.” They've protested mass incarceration as well, stating that it was created to destroy the lives of young black men. So these women are now standing at an event that's orchestrated by the pro-choice base of a liberal political structure.

These women are standing in “solidarity” with an organization that is committing genocide on the black race for the last 70 years. How is this not a complete conflict of interest? How can they stand for women’s rights or “black feminism” and refuse to observe how Clinton donors manipulate the women of their communities on a daily basis? I am all for the progression of black America. I am all for tearing down racial barriers and disparities, but we can't continue down this road without being intellectually honest with ourselves and with each other. How can you stand with the latest form of “black movements” without addressing the number of lives being slaughtered as late as 20 weeks old while in the womb? There is no fist of solidarity over here.

Pro Gun Control Groups

The pro-gun control group... the irony continued to grow when I discovered there would be women for pro-gun control attending the March. Once again, the platform of this march is Planned Parenthood, an organization that takes care of lives before a gun is ever needed. But it’s a woman’s choice. Right? By all means, let’s protect the children that were allowed to live with pro-gun control rights. The part that you play in this March is suddenly invalid when your “sponsor,” so to speak, helps women exterminate babies before they’re born. Seems like another conflict of interest, in my opinion.

The Protest Around The World

Looking to the protest abroad, this is particularly puzzling to me. Why? They're standing in “solidarity” against Donald Trump. Apparently, the rights of American women are under fire… somehow. It’s the day after his inauguration and poof, women suddenly, don’t have the right to drive, work, own property, marry a person of her choice, start a business, drive a car…the list keeps going. It sounds like these women should be protesting Sharia law, but that's another story.

In essence, women are under attack in America because our current president was recorded years ago discussing how he grabbed a woman’s genitals. And we are now in the fight for our lives. Number one, I find it interesting that these women are standing in solidarity with other nations against Trump. Is Trump your president or prime minister? Are you addressing how women are being oppressed in your country? Or are you opposing Donald Trump because the women of the west use feminism to get their way? Just a thought…

Hillary Clinton

Something that I find interesting is that Hillary Clinton continues to remain at the forefront of faux women’s movements in the United States. She passionately tweeted her solidarity from her comfortable seat of the victimized candidate who was rejected for a misogynist sexist, or so CNN tells us. If anyone or anything is the conflict of interest in this movement, it's Hillary Clinton. She has proven how she feels about black women, right after she praised Margaret Sanger. She has shown how she feels about the black race.

We need to “be brought to heel” according to Hillary. She has proven how she feels about Muslim women. Her silence while helping to fund terrorist and fund wars against the Muslim people is remarkable. She also took bags of money from oppressive regimes the world over. As I stated early in the year, Hillary Clinton has never been interested in women's rights, or human rights for that matter...or so the Haitians tell us. She is a scorned woman who lost the race for president. She's now taking bits and pieces of the glass ceiling, and she's using it to sharpen a faux movement against Donald Trump.

I wrote an article in 2014, about feminism in America. My sentiments have not changed. In the 1800's, feminism was a genuine tool used to help women gain an education, have the right to own property, vote, and many other rights...you know, real things. Today, the tool of feminism is now a political weapon, and that weapon is being used to beat political enemies and men into submission. If feminist were worth their salt they'd be flooding the streets fighting rapes in Germany, genital mutilation in Africa, Sharia law's clear violations of women's rights in the middle east, and human trafficking worldwide. Instead, it's being utilized by the Left the same way that racism is being used. It's not about actual rights; it's about stirring up enough chaos and calamity to bring whoever the political party is to its knees.

It's about women using their rights to castrate men. If you emasculate a man long enough, he'll sit down, and he'll shut up. I noticed none of these women were vocal when they chanted for a woman who's husband has one of the most colorful backgrounds as far as his sexual escapades and disrespectful dealings with women, not mention the women who were paid off to remain silent over the past 40 years. No one marched then. I am all for women having rights. I am a champion for the strength that lies within women in the 21st century, but we know what this is. This is a tantrum because the nation rejected their beloved Hillary.

Editor's Note: The marches against Donald Trump wasn't in defense of fundamental human rights for women, as it's been characterized. If you asked these protestors which human rights were at risk, they couldn't tell you. The president hasn't advocated for taking away their rights. This doesn't negate the fact that Donald has led a promiscuous lifestyle. His comments on that undercover video and multiple divorces prove this fact. That in itself isn't proof of a government policy that's geared toward taking away anyone's rights. The constitution wouldn't support that policy if it did exist. What these protests are against was the fact that an unapologetic populist won a democratically held election. Whether or not Russia or WikiLeaks played a role in his victory is debatable. The overall point though is these protests aren't about protecting women.

This is nothing more than the left wing groups, celebrities, and mega donors like George Soros weaponizing feminism to delegitimize our incoming president. If these same people had shown up in key states across the country, they would have seen a different outcome. They also ran a thoroughly corrupt candidate in Hillary Clinton. This is a woman who took money from actual regimes who oppress women and reject basic women's rights. With rampant human trafficking, genital mutilation forced marriages, honor killings, and rapes taking place around the globe this demonstration seems misdirected and hollow. These people have every right to protest peacefully. It's important that we keep this whole episode in context. Kevin Batts II

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