• Kevin Batts

How a documentary is changing the conversation of Abortion in America

An extraordinary new documentary has emerged, and it's powerful. Abortion has been at the forefront of American politics and society for decades but not quite like this. Hear From Heaven is a beautifully depicted journal of the struggle and fight over abortion in America given by several dynamic leaders in this timely struggle. Subjects such as the March For Life, the Women's March, and Margaret Sanger were discussed in the film and leaders such as Lou Engle, Alveda King, Matt Lockett, Will Ford was featured. Also, among those interviewed, is Christina Bennett who's story of her near death as an infant and birth came to life in the film. It was a beautiful story of hope, promise and the never ending cry of justice for the unborn. As the Trump administration has been underway for the last two weeks, many are waiting to see which direction Roe vs Wade will ultimately take. After the Women's March and March For Life last month, it left many American's both disgusted and puzzled. Is the end of abortion near? Or will the fight continue as the Left becomes unhinged?

#Abortion #ProLife

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