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Indiana City Trying To Steal 354 Homes For Private Developer

Editors Note: Some journalist would classify the title of this article as over the top. However, the facts as presented in this story convey exactly what was shown in the title. The city has admitted to engaging in the act of trying to steal these homes. The City doesn't own these homes, and if anyone outside of government wanted to take someone's home through nefarious tactics such as this, we would call them a thief. The City is trying to take these homes for the benefit of a private company. This is also a fact. Eminent Domain and all of its machinations is nothing more than state authorized theft.

A small town in Indiana is learning just how ambiguous an out of control government can be. The city's residents are under siege due to an out of control Mayor who's working at the behest of a large developer. Over 200 homes are in the cross hairs of this city government.

The Kelo vs. New London decision has indeed changed how property rights advocates view government. The Supreme Court ruling weakened property rights across the country. After the terrible ruling, states moved to fill in the gap by strengthening property rights at their level. The state of Indiana strengthened property rights after this court ruling as well. However, the town and probably more towns like it have found a way around this by utilizing the administrative state. The amount of codes, fines, etc, that emanate from city, county, and states are endless. This is the tool being used by this Indiana town to reach the cities desired results.

Some of these people have made it clear they have nowhere else to go if they lose their homes. When government targets the individual for a desired purpose, there's almost nothing that can stop them. One the victims of this land grab is herself, a city council member, and even she is powerless to stop this. As a councilwoman, she probably even signed off on some of these city codes under the auspices of "keeping us safe," one of the most dangerous words uttered by a government official.

This is why it's important that we elect individuals who hold liberty above all else. Even your local government is allowed to engage in theft when it's something it views as the greater good. The city government isn't operating in the best interest of this town but the best interest of a private company. This is tyrannical, and it is all too common in municipalities around the country. Thank goodness legal firms like the Institute for Justice exist. They're truly advocates for liberty and property rights. People often ask, 'how I can do my part?' You can help by donating to groups like the Institute for Justice, Pacific Legal Foundation, or ACLJ. These are just a few organisations on the front lines of the fight for liberty.

Donate to groups fighting for liberty:

Institute for Justice - http://ij.org

Pacific Legal Foundation - https://www.pacificlegal.org

American Center For Law and Justice - https://aclj.org

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