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Video: Sen. Rand Paul Blocked From Seeing Secret Healthcare Bill Draft

Sen. Rand Paul blasted Republican leaders for blocking lawmakers from seeing the Obama care (Affordable Care Act) draft repeal legislation. He tweeted about it saying “I have been told that the House Obamacare bill is under lock & key, in a secure location, & not available for me or the public to view."

Arguing for transparency, he said, "What is the House leadership trying to hide? My guess is, they are trying to hide their "Obamacare Lite" approach.

According to a Politico story, the bill was available to leaders of the House Commerce and Energy Committee. The Senator said anyone else wanting to see the legislation would be turned away from seeing it.

The Senator went to the secret location where certain committee members could see the draft, and he was physically denied entry. The secretive nature of this process is reminiscent of how Democrats crafted the original Obama care law. That bill was written in secret with Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi famously saying "we have to pass the bill to find out whats in it." The tactics being taken by House leaders to hide this process is extremely troubling. The Senator has called on the House to release the full text of the bill today.

In an op-ed published in Politico Sen.Ted Cruz wrote in oppostion to the light approach saying:

First principle: Honor our promise. When you spend six years promising, “If only we get elected, we’ll repeal Obamacare,” you cannot renege on that promise. Failure is not an option. Breaking our word would be catastrophe. The voters would, quite rightly, never again trust Republicans to deliver on anything.

The second principle is don’t make it worse. The Pottery Barn rule applies: If you break it, you own it. Democrats broke health care: Since Obamacare passed, millions of people have had their plans canceled; average family premiums on employer-sponsored plans have risen by about $5,000; and average family deductibles on the individual market have also risen $5,000. Consumers are paying more for less, and that’s hurting a lot of families. Republicans can’t make it worse; instead, we’ve got to fix the problem.

Republican leaders in the House are up to their old tricks. There conduct so far shouldn't surprise anyone. Republicans made full repeal of this law the cornerstone of every election since it's passage. I guess former House Speaker John Boehner was right when he recently said "I shouldn't have called it repeal and replace because that's not what's going to happen. They're basically going to fix the flaws and put a more conservative box around it."

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