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House Republicans Release Obamacare Replacement Bill

House Republicans released there Obamacare replacement bill. The bill will replace the Affordable Care Act more commonly known as Obamacare. The highly secretive bill was published Monday evening. Conservatives in the House freedom caucus have been critical of this bill describing it as Obamacare light. Sen. Rand Paul also introduced his draft health care legislation a few weeks ago. Both proposals are presented below. The House GOP site lays out this law on there website here.

In the end the Republicans are going to keep key portions of Obamacare. They just don't have the guts to roll back an entitlement. They've spent almost eight years talking about getting to a free market system. That in retrospect was a lie. I'm not surprise by this lie because this is what government does. Thats why we need less government in general. The majority of republicans only care about getting elected not upholding principles or protecting liberty. This also doesn't surprise me because most elected politicians only care about protecting there own power.

Most Republicans will go along with the mainstream Obamacare replacement primarily because Trump appears to be ok with this. I personally don't fall into that category. A bad bill is a bad bill weather it comes from the desk of the House Speaker or the president. Take an honest look at Senator Paul's bill and the House bill. After you do that ask yourself this question. What bill was I expecting after eight years of fighting against Obamacare?

Government can't change by placing a non politician at the top of it. You will only gain liberty by making government more and more nonexistent.

House Members on Fox News discussing the new legislation.

House Bill

The Republican House released there Obamacare repeal and replace bill.

Sen. Rand Paul Bill

Sen. Rand Paul released his own healthcare bill that focused on a free market approach.

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