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8700 CIA Hacking Documents Exposed By Wikileaks Vault 7

Wikileaks released what it calls Vault-7 releasing over 8761 documents from the CIA. The release is the first part of a new series of leaks by the group. The leaks shine new light on the secretive organizations hacking programs. The leaks confirmed some techniques we've always suspected and some new programs and techniques we had no idea existed. We laid out some of the key takeaways from the latest Wikileaks breach. Below in the photo gallery are some highlights of this new report from Wikileaks.

Republicans tend to look at intelligence agencies as a necessary evil in the never ending fight "to keep us safe." I tend to view our modern national security agencies like any other government agency. They're highly political and have been used as a tool for whoever occupies the Oval Office. The reason this is problematic is they appear to run outside of the constitution openly. There also seems to be a fundamental lack of respecting everyday American's individual liberty. These rampant abuses won't come to a head until the American people realize just how dangerous a government department with this much power is. There is still so much we don't know about these programs and how they're used. Hopefully, these leaks will shine new light on this agencies practices.

Show notes:



15 times Obama Wiretapped


James Clapper Lying to Congress


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