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A Day Without Men...

As the emotionally fragmented women of left wing America, wandered through the streets to declare and demonstrate their rage towards society, I pondered..."A Day Without Women". As I pondered, I began to notice across social media, the satirical statuses popping up from male counterparts. I found it incredibly amusing, and after I enjoyed a moment of laughter, I suddenly felt the reality of this amusement rise in my throat. " A Day Without Men"...

Would a day without men change my perception of the world? We've discussed feminism and then we've discussed more feminism. We have indeed, come to the conclusion, that feminism today is nothing but a weapon in the hands of the Left. Feminism is rage...feminism is sexual exploitation...feminism is emasculation. Feminism is about trading the hair that once adorned a woman for sheer bald heads, all in the name of defeating a system that produces the steadfast leaders of tomorrow. It is about fighting the very destiny for which we were created as women. It is about winning the war against men...all men.

What would a day without men look like? There are over 110 million men in the United States which is roughly half of the population. What would it look like if half of the United States disappeared for a day? Or would it be a dream come true for the average liberal woman? Is this picture her daydream? Throughout my life, I was nurtured by men, like my father. Growing up, I shared friendships with little boys who grew into men. During a very dysfunctional age, I was hurt by men, and I was used by a men. I fell in love with a man, who later became my husband. I was taken advantage of by men. I was respected by men.

Christ, who died for me, came to earth in the form of a man. Men have played significant roles in the lives of women for thousands of years. They have fought for us. They have died for us. They have sacrificed for us. They have cheated on us, lied to us and abused us. What is my point? I am describing the many relational facets of men who have left a lasting impression, whether positive or devastating, upon the hearts of women. Throughout my life, some of my experiences with men produced such despair that it pushed me into strength. Some of my experiences with men were so full of joy that it filled my heart with hope. And one experience with a "man," led me to give my life to Him and pick up my cross and carry it forward, never to look back again.

The feminists' projection is that men are hateful, self-loathing beings that take, steal, rape and emotionally pillage the souls of women. It is the message that fathers are simply pieces of flesh that force women to produce the next generation of an even more concentrated evil called the male counterpart. It is the belief that men are the answer to WHY. They are the reason for pain within the world, and if we can rid the world of this pain, we have achieved the highest attainable, yet very unrealistic, goal. So, who are these women who believe in such a dark theory? They are daughters. They are mothers. They are sisters. They are aunts. They are little girls who have been hurt by their fathers. They are women who used to be playful but were told, one day, that they were no longer allowed to play. They are women who were turned against their fathers by their resentful mothers. They are women who have sought validation like buried treasure, only to come away empty-handed.

The Left adores dysfunction. They are attracted to it. One's misfortune and one's anger draws the Left like a moth to a flame. They seize the vulnerable and essentially create a political force that carries unprecedented results. It turns innocence into stark sexuality. It deranges the intelligent. They take the dark moments of an individual's life and breathe upon it. They take women who are desperately seeking validation and use it to ultimately dismantle the order of the American family.

Men are being removed in corners of society every day. Homosexuality has removed men from the order of the family. The left has produced a system in which black men and particularly black fathers, remain outside of the family. And feminism is being used to emasculate men to the point of dominance and submission. A day without men is a day without order. It is a day without what is needed to produce life. Every experience I've had with a man has produced a change in my life, whether good or bad and without those changes, I would not be the woman that I am today.

So I will not accept a day without men. I will not ask that half the population disappear for a day. My life is in order because of the men that were strategically placed in my life. The irony of liberal feminist who hate men? No matter their background, ethnicity, level of education, place of birth and more...every single one of them needed the very subject of their hate to actually exist. Each and every one of them needed a man so that they could spew their hatred toward the very sex from which they sprung.

If we do not take a stand against such a distorted perception of the relationship between men and women, our children will not be able to navigate through life, from adolescence to adulthood. Our daughters must learn that they have the ability to express themselves the way that God has fashioned them and that this fashion is not a threat to anyone but the one who accuses them. Our sons must learn that they are not the sole heir of what is wrong with the world, but they are vital to future generations. This young generation of men and women must learn that they need each other to survive.

The only cure? The purest form of validation that comes not from themselves, men, careers, or sexuality...the validation that only God can give. It is the only anecdote that can allow a woman to see her worth and her identity and be satisfied. It is the identity of a woman being handed to her and it lasting for eternity. Call me an optimist, but when these women have exhausted themselves with this empty search, I will be waiting. The broken women of America need something that no liberal will ever be able to give them.

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