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To The Women Who DID Go To Work #WeShowUp

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Today -International Women's Day – was also dubbed “a day without women” which is just an excuse for women to protest against the so-called oppression of women in America. I was going to write this article complaining about the women's march. However, I decided instead to honor the women who were too valuable to participate today. Those who decided not to inconvenience their professions or families to make a political statement.

For the single mothers who are working two and three jobs to make ends meet. You couldn't tell your many jobs that you wouldn't be there because you might not have one to go back to. You understand that taking a stand means doing your best and demanding what you are worth. It also sometimes means knowing when to cut ties with a company or companies who don't recognize your value.

To the stay-at-home-moms who truly do so much for so very little. You who selflessly give your all daily for no recognition and in some cases, not even a thank you. Not only is your job all consuming, it is also never ending. You are on call all day and night, and you cannot just decide to walk away and let your kids fend for themselves.

Finally, for the police, EMT, nurses, doctors, military and similar vital contributions to society, you couldn't just abandon your post. You are truly what makes this world go round. Your role in our society is far more than just a job, and your absence may put lives in danger. You are far too dedicated to your calling to let down those you serve to march out on them.

For all those who chose for whatever reason to sit this march out and to show up where they were needed, this tribute is for you. You proved how truly irreplaceable you are in this world. You didn't shut down schools, hospitals, etc. for the sake of political theater. After all, it is in our sacrifice that we truly honor what it is to be a woman when we show our innate gift to nurture that overcomes our natural instinct to think of ourselves first. And if we are true to be considered equal then we have to win the battle on merits not have it legislated for us.

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