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100 Days of Trump & The Fake News That Followed Him

When is enough, enough? That is the question regarding #FakeNews. After a hundred days in office the presidents actions have been chronicled in the press leaving a trail of fake news. I looked back over a few significant ones to highlight how the media have strayed so far from truth. It's hard to see how they will ever come back.

The New York Times posted a picture proclaiming that the New England Patriots did not show up to the White House for President Trump like they did when President Obama was in office. The New York Times posted two pictures to compare this. The problem was, they were not comparing correct pictures, and the New England Patriots called them out on it. The Patriots posted numerous pics to dispel the #FakeNews story by the New York Times. It was such a #FakeNews story that the editor at the New York Times even Apologized. Jason Stallman, the editor who was responsible for the #FakeNews, stated: “I’m an idiot. It was my idea, it was my execution, it was my blunder.” While people make mistakes, as we all do, this is not an isolated incident. This is systemic of a larger issue. However, Mr. Stallman at least has the integrity to apologize for his blunder. If only the rest of the main-steam media would be so diligent, responsible, and hold to the level of integrity that Mr. Stallman does. Alas, they do not. This is just the latest #FakeNews story from the main-stream media.

Let’s visit other, rather recent, #FakeNews stories from multiple main-stream media outlets. How about the CNN article about Nancy Sinatra? CNN, who has since edited the original article numerous times, tweeted “Nancy Sinatra not happy Trump using father’s song at inauguration.” However, this was nothing more than #FakeNews. Nancy Sinatra responded quite definitively, stating “that’s not true. I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN?” Just to clarify, Nancy Sinatra is not a fan of President Trump, but even she points out the #FakeNews story by CNN. Again, just a single example, which taken by itself can be explained as nothing more than a mistake. But when the totality of the main-steam media is looked at, this is just another example of the systemic problem.

How about the #FakeNews story ran by numerous main-stream media sources that President Trump kicked a baby out of a campaign rally. NPR’s story stated, “he kicked a baby out of his rally.” Only one problem, President Trump never kicked a baby out of a rally. Even the Washington Post defends President Trump, saying “Trump is right: He didn’t kick a baby out of a campaign rally.” The mother of the baby comes out and defends President Trump, but there were no retractions or apologies from the main-stream media sources that ran with the story. Again, here is a single example, which taken by itself can be explained as nothing more than a mistake, but I would bet you are picking up the pattern about the systemic problem.

How about the #FakeNews story that “the mother of all bombs,” MOAB, that was dropped on Afghanistan cost tax payers $314 million dollars and only killed 36 militants? The dropping of the MOAB was being pushed as a failure by numerous main-stream media organizations. As reported by Los Angeles Times, “at a total cost of about $314 million, the military has developed and ordered 20 of the GPS-guided bombs.” Again, just a couple issues here. As reported by the Business Insider, the MOAB dropped cost $170,000, not $314 million for 20 bombs, and certainly not $314 million for just one bomb. But, the media must have been correct on the death toll, right? Wrong, as the Independent Journal Review reported, “Afghan Official Says 94 ISIS Fighters Were Killed in MOAB Strike.” Again, here is a single example, which taken by itself, oh forget it. You get the point: systemic problem.

How about the #FakeNews story regarding President Trump lowering the debt. This one is very comical. President Trump tweets on February 25, 2017, “the media has not reported that the National Debt in my first month went down by $12 billion vs a $200 billion increase in Obama first mo.” Oh my, how the main-stream media exploded on this one. Politifact, a “fact-checking” website, rates President Trump’s tweet as “mostly false.” However, when Politifact explains, “The numbers check out. And in fact, the total public debt has dropped by another $22 billion…” So how is this “mostly false?” Because Politifact spins the tweet in ways that are ridiculous, “Trump would be wise to not read too much into this figure, which sounds more noteworthy than it actually is. The national debt fluctuates up and down depending on the day. While the “debt” is down after one month, experts say that the trend will reverse and the debt will continue to rise.” Does this one hurt your head as much as it does mine? This #FakeNews story confirms that President Trump is correct, and then calls President Trump’s tweet “mostly false.” According to the U.S. Treasury, the debt actually went down by $113 billion from February 27, 2017 through March 31, 2017. A larger number than anyone is even talking about. Again, here is a single example, which taken by itself, blah blah blah, systemic problem.

Last, but not least, and mind you, these are only a recap of a few specific ones, President Trump claims he was “wiretapped” by President Obama’s administration. The media, again, explodes. Saying President Trump "baseless wiretap claim," "no evidence to back Trump's wiretap claim against Obama," "unproven wiretapping claims," and so on and so on. Just one problem, and I feel like I shouldn’t even have to say this anymore, but the media was pushing another #FakeNews story. A NSA Whistleblower, covered by US News, backs President Trump on wiretap claim. Not only do we have a whistleblower, we have numerous people substantiating the claim, including Susan Rice. Now, to refresh your memory, Susan Rice has a “greatest hits” album. Her top hits include “I never unmasked anyone,” “absolutely false” that she unmasked Trump associates, and it was a “YouTube video that caused the Benghazi attack.” Problem is, Susan Rice did unmask Trump associates, and the YouTube video was "never a factor in Benghazi attack." This #FakeNews story was most certainly not an isolated incident. As the #FakeNews story began to unravel, the main-stream media doubled-down on the assertions that President Trump’s claim was baseless, had no evidence, and were unproven. Just one problem, President Trump has been completely vindicated on this subject. Now we can get into semantics over “wiretapping,” because, technically, wiretapping is the incorrect word used. However, telephone conversations were listened to by President Obama’s administration officials. Perhaps “phone conversations were surveilled” would have been a more appropriate description, but that is very hard to fit into 140 characters on Twitter. Remember when President Trump said the UK was spying on his team and the main-stream media attacked Trump over that claim too? Oh wait, Trump was correct on that story as well.

Clearly, we have a #FakeNews issue going on. What becomes disheartening is #FakeNews is being pushed by main-stream media sources. Not just from the likes of Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists. This impacts us all, but this disproportionately impacts those with less education, the poor, and the elderly. In short, #FakeNews is racist against minorities and discriminatory against the elderly. Voter ID laws are deemed racist and discriminatory for these very reasons, therefore, #FakeNews has to be racist for the exact same reasons. These groups being discriminated against often get their news from a singular source, mainly due to the cost, technology, and other factors. Even more so, all people are creatures of habit. Most people, even though they claim they get their news from multiple sources, truly get their news from a couple sources that are echo chambers of the same precise viewpoints. #FakeNews is nothing more than propaganda pushed by politically motivated main-stream media organizations to create a false narrative.

#FakeNews has become “the little boy who cried wolf.” As more and more #FakeNews stories come out and get debunked, the main-stream media loses credibility to those who can differentiate between real and #FakeNews. People quit listening to those who lie to them, and that is exactly what the main-stream media has done. I want to add something from a personal perspective: as I sent this article to some friends to have them read and give me feedback, two of them asked, “where are the pro-Trump #FakeNews stories? This would give your article balance and make it not seem so one-sided.” Valid point, and I began to look. However, I cannot find a pro-Trump #FakeNews story covered by a main-stream media source. Not one, and I looked. I am sure there are some out there, but I certainly could not find any.

The #FakeNews media is by far the United States’ worst enemy in the world today. It is time that we stand up against them. President Trump will not be able to combat #FakeNews because he is clearly Hitler when he speaks out against #FakeNews. However, after being in office for over 90 days, President Trump has yet to build a concentration camp, yet to round up and murder people due to their religion, and has even faced a defeat at the hands of Congress regarding Health Care. President Trump is #TheWorstHitlerEver. But, If President Trump is Hitler for standing up to #FakeNews, what is Hillary Clinton? Hillary cites “fake news as an urgent threat to democracy.” Is Hillary also Hitler? Or is only President Trump Hitler when he attacks the propagandists that are pushing #FakeNews stories against him?

It is time for the citizens of the United States to take matters into our own hands. We must protest #FakeNews and the corporations who push the propaganda. We must also protest the sponsors of those very corporations. If you want to effect change, hit the corporations where it counts, just ask Fox News and Bill O'Reilly. It is time to protest the corporations, sponsors, and to start suing #FakeNews companies. The laws suits have, indeed, started, as CNN has been sued for Fake News. Lawsuits against the press seem unamerican to me, after all, we have the First Amendment, but the First Amendment does not protect against lying, slander, defamation, and libel. #FakeNews corporations, their sponsors, the talking heads, editors, reporters, and political pundits all understand one thing: MONEY! It is time to hurt the #FakeNews industry where it counts, the pocket book.

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