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Engineer Fined $500 For Criticizing Red Light Cameras

In today's episode, we look at the strange case of Mats Järlström a Swedish engineer. The man got in hot water with the state of Oregon after he was referring to himself as an Engineer while critiquing the red light cameras in his city.

This is two stories in one. The first being a licensing story with an underlining free speech issue. This is also a red-light camera issue, i.e., A law enforcement issue.

Red Light cameras are provably nothing more than a revenue raising device opposed with which how they're sold as a law enforcement measure. The red-light portion of this story is a bipartisan issue. Licensing, on the other hand, is the primary tool of the statist protectionist under the auspices of public safety and protecting jobs.

So, Mr. Järlström studied the formula being used to time the traffic signal he then created his very own formula to solve a fundamental flaw with the current system. The state of Oregon saw this and was immediately triggered because the man was a Swedish engineer and everyone knows Sweden doesn’t require a license to practice engineering. In the eyes of the Oregon, this means he isn’t an engineer.

Because of this, he shouldn’t have anything to say about the red-light camera algorithm. A man who was an engineer for the Swedish military and who currently practices electrical engineering as a profession. This man isn't qualified to question the government because he failed to jump through their hoop and go to through their gate keepers in state government to become in their eyes legitimate.

There are municipalities across the country that will tell you that you can’t feed a homeless person unless it comports with that cities dietary sensibilities, you can’t groom another person unless you go to some governing authority and getting their imprimatur. You can’t even house the homeless unless the city council is 100% onboard. And Now you can’t criticize the government about their flawed algorithm unless you're recognized by their licensing authority. Ladies and gentlemen, I have one question to ask. Are we subjects?

The government only recognizes things it can tax, regulate, license, annex, so on and so on. Most of our municipalities have adopted an almost paternalistic-elitist mindset when it comes to we the people. The war on private solutions at the local level is a real thing. We hope you continue to follow our series as highlight new stories.

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