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Law Introduced to Stop $300M in American Aid From Funding Palestinian Terrorist Pension

Today's episode we talk about the Taylor Force Act. Taylor Force an American veteran who was killed in Israel by a Palestinian terrorist. The bill would stop the 300 million in foreign aid that goes to the PA (Palestinian Authority). This would be a move to pressure the PA to stop providing pensions to terrorist. Taylor Force's killer and other like him start receiving this pension the second they get to prison. The killers are even given a larger allotment for the severity of the carnage they cause. This is nothing more then a state sponsored terrorist pension plan.

Those who oppose this law site the fact that the PA would just get the funding from somewhere else. This in my eyes isn't a reasonable argument to oppose this bill. Furthermore we shouldn't be funding both sides of an armed conflict. This is the fallacy of foreign aid. A system where we essentially bribe the worst kinds of human rights abusing tyrants in the hopes that they would do the right thing. This often leads to them doing just enough and American funds enrich wealthy tyrants, nefarious corporations, and politicians who site the small benefits.

We have veterans starving in the streets right now but we dump American money in this murderous scheme. This program being carried out by the PA is actually codified in Palestinian law this goes against UN Security Council resolutions. We haven't heard a peep from the UN or any of the Israel haters on this. I support a cut to almost all foreign aid for reasons like this. Stay tuned to for news like this.

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