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Texas Bill Would Make it Easier to Sue Or Shutdown Bloggers & Journalist

The biggest check on out of control government is the media. I know media isn't always looked at in that regard but a robust and free press is the bedrock of government accountability. It is now easier than ever for individuals to have their voice heard. Blogging and social media have made the cost of creating your media empire that much simpler. My wife and I built RedRiver.com with nothing more than a MacBook Pro, Wordpress blog site, and a Domain. The ability for everyday citizens to easily step into the media spectrum created this alternative media we know today. The absolute low barrier to entry created an environment where anyone with a social media account can become a journalist. This, of course, has been the subject of continuous hand ringing by establishment forces who've ridiculed citizen journalist as something to be governed. The attacks on new media have come from so-called 'conservative' governments and liberal alike. This is why it comes at no surprise to me when I heard of attacks on the free press from state legislatures like Texas.

In today's episode of RedRiver TV, we look at HB 3387, and 3388 which if passed would shut down the heart of investigative media in the state of Texas. I would have to seriously consider whether or not I would want to continue running my media company in the state. My wife and I built our credibility with activist in Texas and Oklahoma on our early investigative stories. It is my intention to continue our investigative stories but not in Texas if this law is passed, To be honest, I don't think this bill will make it out of committee, but it's important that we highlight the threats to liberty when they present themselves.

There's always going to be someone in government trying to encroach on liberty because, in my opinion, this is the natural inclination of government. Government always seeks to ultimately do two things expand it's power and legitimize that expansion. Just like business government and it's agencies will always strive to grow. Business can only expand by providing a better service to consumers or being more efficient, and government expands by convincing others in government or the public that they serve a legitimate purpose that needs to have the power to keep you safe. This latest encroachment is being argued for under the auspices that government needs to be able to say who is and isn't " a hack." Whether the attacks comes from the left or the right, it is a tyrannical overreach and should be fought by all sides.

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