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Constitutional Carry Debate in Oklahoma Exposes How The State Really Sees Licensing Laws

Have you ever felt like government thought you worked for them and not the other way around? Well, an agency in Oklahoma that administers concealed carry licenses exposed itself. Forgive me, but the story itself is from last year. What brought this story back to the forefront of my mind was the shelving of the Constitutional Carry legislation in the state of Oklahoma. In the story, the head of OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) opposes the passage of Constitutional carry because it would essentially gut her department.

Anyone that knows me knows I have several theories about government and one of them is once government receives a funding source it will fight tooth and nail to continue receiving that funding. It will fight up to and including issuing threats or doomsday scenarios. This, of course, is the natural inclination of government and it is probably nothing new to you. The loudest opposition to any cuts in any budget trimming scenario will always be government and whatever person or individual subsidized. Still, these agencies tend to be a little less transparent about their opposition. This department head came right out and said what we always knew.

In my opinion, this mindset played a part in the shelving of Constitutional Carry. Lawmakers in Oklahoma are staring down a self-inflicted budget crisis. They've subsidized business every which way in the quest to spur that elusive "economic growth." They showed little interest in dealing with the structural issues like the progressive income tax.

For example, this time last year I was writing about why they should get rid of wind and energy subsidies. I wrote that not repealing these things sooner rather than later would come back to haunt lawmakers. That warning fell on deaf ears now they're facing a massive budget crunch. Not only that now warring factions of rent seekers are competing for the last crumbs of taxpayer money. Imagine that, Keynesian economic schemes exploding in the long run?

Hopefully, lawmakers in the state will come to their senses and recognize that expanding liberty always beats economic subsidies from the state. Like energy subsidies, licensing laws and the agencies that administer them have taken on a life of their own. These are the tools used by the state to pick winners and losers and hoover up every dime for the imaginary benefit of keeping you safe.


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