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Republicans: Change of Heart On NSA Spying?

In our latest episode, we talk about the shift in thinking about the NSA. Sen. Lindsey Graham may be having a change of heart when it comes to NSA spying. Well not actually, the Senator's only real problem with the NSA right now is the fact that the NSA has been using its many tools to spy on him. Never mind the fact that he said years ago he wouldn't mind if they were spying on him. After a flurry of leaks from the Intel community, Republicans finally understand why it's so dangerous to have an agency with this sort of all knowing power. Now I'm not saying they've learned there a lesson I'm 90% certain this isn't some ideological shift. This is though a teachable moment for the GOP to finally understand that unchecked spy agencies will only lead to unimaginable shenanigans.

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