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Sued: Louisville Blocks Competition Between Food Trucks And Brick and Mortar

Do we even have liberty anymore? I mean the mass encroachment by the government is unending. This is the second story in a month we've done where the government asks a business owner to ask his competition can he compete in their market. Once again we're beleaguered, left fighting the special interest. The only one hurt by this kind of protectionism is, of course, the consumer and the entrepreneur.

This is why I always say the only real monopolies in America today are ones created by government. The problems brought to light in this story are endemic to localities all over the country. My city just last year was flirting with the idea of laws somewhat similar to this. The modern statist thinks he is trying something new. Government enacting legislation to protect favored industry is nothing new, and the results are always the same, stagnation and artificially higher prices.

Sometimes this creates bubbles that when popped have a dramatic effect on local economies. Look at for example the disruption caused by taxi and hotels after the advent of the shared economy. The regulations and protections will only go so far before someone innovates around the government created obstacle. The Restaurant lobby has been working overdrive to protect brick and motor food places. As I said before, "government is the deadliest weapon known to man in the hands of an immoral people."

To be honest, the statist hate actual competition. The imperfections of spontaneous order are all but too much for the modern statist to abide. They advocate for a planned economy. In this economy there's competition, but this is, of course, is within the guardrails of the statist sensibilities. These people, statist are in all walks of life and occupy spots in both political parties. None, of course, is more dangerous than the governing statist. We hope to continue bringing you these stories of the agenda in action. Stay tuned for more in the future.

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