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City Kicks Formerly Homeless Man off His own Property

It seems like the government would rather you be homeless then do things with your property they don't agree with. That may seem over the top but, we've clearly seen the tyrannical nature of city government in our previous episodes. Today's show we look at a story from Colorado. Clem Smith, a formerly homeless man, inherited some money so he decided he would fulfill his dream and purchase some land and build a home. The man was well on his way to bringing his American dream to fruition when the government stepped in and turned his life upside down. A busy body neighbor complained to the city of Conifer, and that's where Mr. Smith's nightmare began.

Mr. Smith planned to build his own home. He bought some beautiful mountain property. The man had septic installed, power ran, and a road constructed on his own dime. He planned on building the home on his own, but he needed to stay in an RV while completing the processes. He also had a back hoe and shipping container that he purchased. The city wasn't all too happy with this. Apparently, you can only have an RV parked on your property with a home, not as a stand alone structure. This is an old tool of municipal governments they outline exactly how you can use your property. You would think they would seek to protect the liberty and property rights of their citizens. That, unfortunately, isn't the case in Conifer. Now the man faces being homeless again and losing everything. This is all do to backwards victim less laws enacted to benefit collective and not the individual pursuing his American dream.

Show notes: http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/homeless-man-being-booted-off-his-own-newly-purchased-mountain-property

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