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AirBnB Property Manager Targeted By The State of Pennsylvania

Today we talk about Airbnb property manager Sally Lad who is currently suing that state of Pennsylvania for violating her constitutional rights. Ms. Lad and Institute for Justice are suing the state due to what they call protectionist licensing laws. The state won't' let her operate her business unless she complies with their narrow view of what they call a property manager. The state can't help itself this is a voluntary transaction between the Ms. Lad and those seeking her services. There are no victims except for the government who wants to use these laws to dictate how and when homes are sold and managed. Sally only seeks to create a better life for herself, but governments across the country despise the new economy for a myriad of reasons but primarily because they can't easily control or monetize it. We've tried to expose the follies of licensing laws in general. Check out some of our previous videos for more.

Show Notes: http://ij.org/press-release/airbnb-property-manager-files-constitutional-challenge-pa-real-estate-licensing-regime/

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