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Oklahoma: Supreme Court Slaps Down Republican Tax & New Rep Mullins Scandal

Welcome to Red River TV, and today our focus is on Oklahoma news. We're bringing you two stories today the first story is about Representative Mark Wayne Mullins and some very questionable investments that came to light a week ago. The second story is the smack down the supreme court gave to the obviously unconstitutional tax that lawmakers passed in the state legislature during the tail end of the last session.

Sometimes you're not sure about a politicians motives and other times you just know off the bat. Well with Rep. Mullins it's pretty obvious. My philosophy is to be suspicious of those who want to control other peoples lives especially those in government. Mullins has continued to disappoint his supporters every year he's been in office. Whether it's the ethics issues surrounding its businesses or his breaking of a key campaign pledge. Excluding the establishment, Mullins has disappointed a lot of people. Well, now Mullins may be in more ethical hot water when it was revealed he invested in a pharmaceutical company he had direct oversight of. Mullins invested over $200 thousand dollars in a drug company with experimental drugs being considered by the FDA. The drug could net the business over 2 billion dollars in profits. Mullins claims he doesn't have oversight of the company due to them being based in Australia. I guess time will tell if this will be the last straw for voters. We will keep you posted to how this develops.

The Oklahoma legislature is chock full constitutional conservatives. In fact, there full of so many of these so called Constitution lovers they decided they not only were going to violate the Constitution but they decided to break the constitution while raising taxes. This is yet another classic hold my beer moment that infuriates voters across the state. Leaders in the Republican party not only shepherded a tax hike through the legislative process but they also did so knowing it was unconstitutional. Then after being slapped down unanimously by the Oklahoma supreme court, some had the nerve to blame Democrats. Yes, the Republican majority is just a bystander in the lawmaking process. Now the state is headed for another fiscal showdown in a special session that will cost taxpayers by some estimates $30 thousand dollars a day. Stay tuned to Red River TV, and we'll bring you more as it unfolds.

Show Notes: http://newsok.com/article/5558893



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