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Democrat Senator Joe Manchin May Be Joining The Trump Cabinet?

On today's show, we talk about the ongoing rumors that Democratic Senator Joe Manchin may be joining the Trump Cabinet. The long time West Virginia Democrat's name has been brought up several times in the past several months. Sen. Manchin has witnessed his party drift leftward while his state has simultaneously drifted further right. Manchin who's always been considered a moderate has been a favorite target of progressive activist and Republicans who see his seat as winnable. Now after Trump's strong showing in the coal state and the governor's party switch the rumors have only become more intense.

Ordinarily, I would disapprove of anyone who voted with Obama as much as he has with holding any position of authority, but from a strategical perspective, this move would be a net positive. First, off the position, he would be taking is Energy Secretary. Despite being a Democrat, Joe hasn't been terrible on this issue being that he came from an energy state primarily coal. The current post is occupied by Former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry would move to John Kelly's old post at the department of homeland security. Perry has a semblance of foreign policy experience being the governor of Texas. The open senate seat left in West Virginia could be filled by a Republican. Also the added benefit of having Sen. Manchin a strong union Democrat in the administration would pay dividends to Trumps blue collar base in the rust belt. The Republicans add to there majority. Also, Sen Manchin would have an out because let's face it this state is turning red his days were probably numbered as is.

It's hard to predict where this white house is headed due to the Donald's at times unorthodox strategy, so there's no guarantee this will even play out like this. Depending on the Republican who fills this open seat this could open new possibilities in this divided Senate. Who knows how this will pan out stay tuned for more.

Show note: http://freebeacon.com/politics/joe-manchin-bashed-at-liberal-netroots-nation-conference/


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