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Dear DACA recipients, the government didn't fail you, your parents did

I realize that concrete definitions of simple words like "racist" and "dreamer" have clearly been tossed into oblivion and replaced with the emotional nouns of leftist conversationalist. It should come as no surprise that confusion is the mother of all commentary and political discussions. The Trump administration continues to fall into the crosshairs of such discussions, particularly immigration. President Trump has recently decided to end the DACA program which is a policy implemented by executive order under former president, Barack Obama. The policy has been largely looked at as unconstitutional in many respects due to it not being based on actual law. Trump has created a six month timeline for congress to address this issue and no new applicants will be accepted into the program. There have been mixed feelings amongst conservatives and libertarians, and an expected implosion of logic from the Left. I posted a statement on social media, (You can read it below) and as I expected, it was met and discussed with mixed emotions.

To many, this statement was ill received and labeled "offensive", and it should be, because truth is often found offensive when one wants to be left to their self-created havens of delusion. Truth is often interpreted as cruelty and hatred when a nation has run amok with political correctness and emotional theater. In essence, this country has disregarded truth for so long, that now, lawlessness has become the shaky ground beneath us, masked as an anchor. However, one's compassion cannot be weighed and tried upon the scales of a statement made on social media. Truth IS compassion itself; deception is not. So this experience led me to write this open letter in which my compassion is foreseen along with a healthy dose of reality for the dreamers.

My heart goes out to the dreamers, particularly the children. I cannot and will not forsake your innocence in this matter. Unfortunately, even the children born of illegal status must pay the price for the wrongdoing of the parents. However, my words are strongly directed towards the adult recipients of DACA. I have studied the crisis of our neighbor, Mexico, for some time now. It is much more complicated than one can imagine, and the ties that have been bound between the American and Mexican government runs deeper than we realize. This crisis does not negate the responsibility of your parents or the politicians who lied to you. You were not offered a dream; you were offered a fairytale devoid of even a remnant of reality where law and order mattered. You were taught to love this country but not accept the laws of our land or our constitutional foundation. Your parents came in search of the American Dream, but ironically, they rejected the very process that facilitates your freedom.

Your or your parents supported a man who enabled you to dream unrealistically, and as you can see, this false dream came with a timer which is cruelty in rare form. Deception is cruelty. You trusted a man who had the oversight to deport thousands before crying amnesty for the sake of an election year which helped lead you into a false sense of political and legal security. Perhaps, time could have been better spent acquiring your legal status instead of shouting "F*uck America" in our streets. I'm sorry that some of you have spent years paying taxes and creating a life, but not acquiring your citizenship during that time. Contrary to popular belief, we don't dislike immigrants. The Left will use this argument until the horse can be ridden no more, but lack of compassion is not what lies at the root of this. We dislike illegal immigration which is not immigration at all. We dislike blatant criminality, but as you can see, the Democratic party is the party of lawlessness in every sense of the word.

I would hope that DACA also taught you respect, legality, and integrity. Although the Left will now begin the funeral procession for your hopes and dreams, this is not at all the truth. Your future is much safer than you think. The stress that you have found yourself in is not the fault of the current administration or the American taxpayer. Perhaps, your current situation lies at the feet of an administration who sold you temporary hope and allowed your clear distaste for order to breed. And yes, the fault also lies at the feet of your parents. This is reality, and we cannot sugarcoat the sins of the generation before us by replacing their guardianship with a program. I implore you, as a Christian, to seek out the dream that God set into motion over your life from the beginning of time. It, alone, will bring you into the fulfillment that you seek, and it is far better than any American Dream could offer. Please disregard the media and their ability to perpetually toss your emotions to and fro. It's their job. Snakes are required when deceit is being used. Help is here for you. It always has been, and the stipulations attached to the ending of DACA will help to ensure your citizenship. Trump may require law and order, but he cares about people despite the venomous rhetoric constantly being spouted by the Left. It's not the end of the world. Feel free to contact us here in Texas if you need help.


Your Fellow American Neighbor

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