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Group Calls For MLK Parade Boycott over Gov. Abbott invite

As we approach Martin Luther King Jr Day this Monday, an annual celebration is underway here in the state of Texas. The yearly north Texas parade honoring the fallen civil rights icon is being met with boycotts. Controversy has erupted over Republican Governor Greg Abbot not only being invited but being the parades grand marshal.

This year, the annual North Texas MLK Parade and Celebration will take place in Arlington and six counties, including Dallas and Tarrant, will come together for the festivities for the first time. One group, Next Generation Action Network, is now calling for the boycott of the annual parade after hearing that Governor Greg Abbott received an invitation to be the grand marshal of the event. Reverend Dominique Alexander, a leader within the group, stated during a press conference that it "is an insult to the black community, this is an insult to the King family, this an insult to the community of North Texas that this would even be considered." They have argued that Gov Abbott's policies go against what MLK fought for.

These new so called civil rights leaders demand nothing less then leftist ideological purity. Ironically, MLK was a man who sat with countless politicians of all shades of the political spectrum. Although he was not a perfect man, his plight ultimately enriched the nation.

Republicans aren't supposed to want to be involved in the black community. Let's just be honest this event is being boycotted because a white man was asked to be the grand marshal. It is being boycotted because a Republican governor was asked to join in and play a role on a day that is supposed to be about unity. What a disgrace to see individuals taint the memory of a true civil rights leader. This group and its leader appear to have no idea what Dr. King stood for or they would not be using this opportunity to incite division.

King's opposition was primarily democrat. This is not to suggest that all Republicans during Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson's terms were in support of MLK's policy agenda, but seeing how Dems held the majority during Kennedy's era, it demonstrates the widespread prejudice amongst Dems when it came to civil liberties for African Americans. A majority of Black Americans today continue to fully support a party who once sought to leave a people enslaved, including men like John Lewis who also sat with King while speaking with president Kennedy. So, the boycott demand by these individuals on MLK Day doesn't surprise me nor does their fervent opposition to Republicans and president Trump. Martin Luther King Jr would have met Governor Abbott and would have been delighted to see him join in such a celebration. The hell he and his co-partners of civility lived through makes our existence look like heaven, and oh the heaven we are wasting. He would've also used it as an opportunity to make his voice heard and shared his intentions with a man with great influence rather than the disgraceful demonstration we see now. Perhaps, these men and women opposing the governor should take note.

Rev Kyev Tatum seems to agree and says that he and others plan to support Governor Abbott's invitation to the event.

"If you are Christian, if you are a lover of peace and justice, this weekend is all about that -- not about individual politics,” Tatum said.

Gone are the days of reaching out in grand gestures to demonstrate unity and tolerance regardless of color, sex, or politics. I am inclined to agree with Rev. Tatum. I am inclined to believe King when he said "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Beware Black Americans, your hatred is showing.

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