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Opinion: If Trump Was Hitler

If you still believe Donald Trump is Hitler, you are either intellectually dishonest or a flat out liar. That is all there is to it anymore. So the question becomes, which are you? Do you hate President Trump so much that you call him every name you can think of with the hope it sticks? Because that is what seems to be the case today. Perhaps I am being too harsh in my analysis. Maybe people out there are uneducated about Hitler? This is very possible as people today are more worried about feelings than they are facts and evidence. However, I highly doubt that. The people in the United States have lost something that once made us great: the ability to listen to another viewpoint. Now, as seen with the hatred of President Trump, another person’s viewpoint is met with name calling, personal attacks, and likening that person to Hitler. This made me wonder, what, if anything, has Trump done similar to Hitler? Let's have a history lesson, shall we? A quick rundown of what Adolph Hitler did in his first year as German Chancellor in 1933 is in order. Hitler took power in on January 30, 1933, and on March 24, 1933, he was given a new found power under the Enabling Act, which passed the German Cabinet. According to The Third Reich Sourcebook, the Act was enacted during a meeting where non-Nazi members were surrounded and threatened by members of the SA and SS. The Enabling Act was followed quickly by the Reich-stag Fire Decree that abolished many key civil liberties of German citizens. With these two provisions in place,

Nazis held a newly found legal basis for imprisoning anyone considered opponents of the Nazis and to suppress publications not considered friendly to the Nazi cause. The Fire Decree was a key step in creating a one-party Nazi state. Let me give you some background on the Fire Decree: the Communist Party of Germany set fire to the Reich-stag chambers, the home of Germany’s parliament. The fire was intended to be a signal for an uprising against the German government. Instead, it was met with the German Cabinet giving new powers and complete control of the nation to the Nazi Party and Hitler. Hitler was quick to act using his newly found powers, and toward the creation of his vision for a “Master Race,” and in March 1933, he opened the first concentration camp, Dachau. In less than two months of Hitler’s rule, the first concentration camp was open. This camp is responsible for approximately 180,000 deaths. During 1933, the SS raided Germany trade unions and arrested and imprisoned union leaders in Dachau. In April of 1933, Nazis organize a one-day boycott of all Jewish-owned business, while leaders of the Nazi party deny Jews are in any danger. Also in April of 1933, the Gestapo was created. The Gestapo’s main purpose was to hunt out those considered a threat to Nazi Germany: Jews, Communists, Jehovah Witnesses, and homosexuals. In May of 1933, Nazis hold a massive book burning throughout the country. In July of 1933, a law is passed that forbids the creation of new political parties and included a provision that outlawed all non-Nazi parties in Germany. By August 1933 as a part of the German Citizenship Project, the Nazis published four lists of Germany citizens, mostly Jewish citizens, who lost their citizenship, passports, and other privileges. Now mind you, this was within the first year of Hitler becoming Chancellor of Germany. No matter how evil Hitler is, he had a very successful first year by anyone’s standards.

Now that Trump has been in office for exactly one year, we can examine the similarities between Hitler and Trump. During Trump’s first year, he has actually lessened the power of the U.S. government by revoking 67 regulations, killing 635 regulations that had not yet been implemented, and put an additional 844 regulations on “inactive” or “delayed” status. Now how can this be? If Trump is literally Hitler, why would he be lessening governmental power? Wait, you might say, Hitler attacked the press just like Trump has done. While Hitler did attack the press, he actually imprisoned people who wrote unfavorably about Hitler and shut down publications of any anti-Nazi viewpoints. To compare, Trump has received ninety percent unfavorable press according to a recent Harvard study, yet not one journalist has been imprisoned nor has a single media outlet been shut down. While Trump battles with the press daily, in the era of #FakeNews, this battle must be fought. Until a journalist is jailed or a publication shut down due to unfavorable press of Trump, there is no comparison to Hitler. Next Hitler opened Dachau. Now I have looked far and wide, but cannot seem to find a single concentration camp in the U.S. That atrocity has not occurred in the U.S. since Franklin D Roosevelt did it in 1942 with Executive Order 9066. Next, Hitler rounded up union leaders and imprisoned them, again, Trump has done nothing remotely close to rounding up people and placing them in jail. Hitler then formed the Gestapo, burned books, and stripped away citizenship from people found to be unfavorable to Germany. Trump, with all of his apparent flaws – and there are many, has yet to do any of these things. What has President Trump done during his first year in office? He failed on Healthcare reform, he failed by not reaching a deal on DACA, and the government shutdown, Trump’s approval ratings are at historic lows, and many polls show Americans believe Trump’s first year was a failure. So that beckons the question, what has Trump done that is remotely close to Hitler in their first years? Nothing! Absolutely nothing, and it is time to admit that those saying Trump is Hitler are either liars or ignorant of history. However, as I am finishing up this article, one very damning piece of information came my way. Maybe Trump is Hitler? You decide!

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