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Opinion: No, Blackness Isn't A Disability

It seems that every time we arrive at a new plateau of idiocy, we arrive at another only to discover it's even more mind-boggling than the one before. As a black woman living in the United States, I come across countless articles, fake artifacts, and hateful pro-black rhetoric all convincing me that my days are numbered in this nation. I am told that abortion is the equivalent of healthcare; therefore I should fight for it. I am told that my black son carries a risk of being killed by law enforcement by simply walking down the street. I am told that to support conservatism is supporting white supremacy. Those are all graciously received compared to the announcement made by a law professor at Fordham University. According to Kamina Paul-Emile, "blackness" in the United States is disabling. I thought perhaps I had mistakenly clicked on a link to Onion News. I thought maybe I had been transported to the film, Idiocracy. Alas no, I was not. She claims that providing a "disability law" will better enable black Americans to fight inequalities, racism, and injustice. She also claims that civil rights were historically ineffective which is why a disability law is needed. She was quoted saying the following:

"Understanding Blackness as disabling...brings to the fore a surprising new approach to addressing discrimination and systemic inequality that has been hiding in plain sight: disability law." So for me to live and be successful in the United States, I must acclimate to the life of a disabled individual. After all, if one's success is going to be based upon living disabled, shouldn't one present the characteristics of a disabled person? Here is the definition of the word, disabled: Having a physical or mental condition that limits movements, senses, or activities. (of an activity, organization, or facility) specifically designed for or relating to people with a physical or mental disability. According to this definition, black Americans will need to be physically or mentally incapacitated to glean from a disability law and lay hold of justice and security. By this definition, we would need to take on the attributes of men and women who are mentally ill, sitting in wheelchairs, paralyzed, spoon-fed, mentally retarded, along with other debilitating characteristics for which the disabled are measured by. Perhaps she is relating to the definition of disable which means " to put out of action" or a "disease, injury or accident that limits someone in their movements, senses or activities". Even by that definition, we would have to be physically stopped and restrained to keep us from succeeding as a black man or woman. So, to add insult to injury, in a world where black men and women are seen as substandard because of our low expectation of ourselves and each other, we should simply become disabled and receive what pity is left from white America and take our cut. To become equal, we need to dismiss the historical significance and fight for civil rights which we have and just be mental. The last time I checked, my legs were fully functioning, my mind was sound, and my body possessed all of the strength and ability to do just about everything I have set my mind to do. It amazes me how black men and women have the potential for downgrading us to oblivion all in the name of justice and equality. Some actual disabled individuals are leading better lives than African Americans, and this is the best a law professor can come up with? I will tell you what this is: another black individual who is regurgitating the essence of the Left's soft bigotry and contempt for African Americans. She is simply confirming what we already know to be true when it comes to black America and liberalism. This ludicrous idea for equality proves that some in black America will come up with any excuse possible to have a life handed to them rather than taking responsibility and opportunity given to us by God to succeed. Notice I said God instead of America. For decades black America have been looking to a people and a government to give them what God has already bestowed upon them. Black leaders did more in the first 50 years post slavery than we can begin to offer today and this is what we have to show for it, a suggestion that being black is a disablement. This is a disgrace to our resilience and strength as a people. If anyone is disabling black America, it's us. We disable our children in the womb. We disable our families with fatherlessness and angry, controlling black mothers. We disable our prosperity with mammon which feeds poverty. We disable our voice by tearing up cities. We disable our future by continuing to vote for a party who has been restraining black America for over 50 years. We disable each other with the same racist behavior we are attempting to root out. I do not have the life that I have because I knew the right people. I don't have the life I have because America gave me my American dream. I have this life because Jesus Christ said so. I have this life because He ENABLED me. He gave me the ability to think, speak, and live a life of favor where He controls the doors I step through because I have aligned myself with Him. I grew up in the second poorest town in southeastern Oklahoma by parents who came from poverty and abuse. I have experienced racism and injustice, and neither has DISABLED me. I may not be a law professor, but I know that I am not a disabled individual and the color of my skin does not make it so.

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