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Read The New Paul Manafort Robert Gates 32 Count Indictment Here

Today a Federal court in Virginia handed down multiple indictments for Paul Manafort and Richard Gates. The 32 count indictment accuses the pair of committing bank fraud and understating tax returns. These are the latest indictments by the Robert Muller special counsel. The charges appear to stem from before they were involved in the Trump campaign. Manafort is the former Trump campaign manager and Gates was a former Trump campaign aide.

Read the full indictment by clicking on the links below.

Read: Manafort-Gates-Indictment-EDVA

Read: US-Status-Report

According to a Politico story on the matter the new indictments make the defense for the two more complex due to this now being a parallel legal case. The prior indictments for both Gates and Manafort are being pursued in Washington DC. The new indictments will be tried in Virginia. They do have the option to combine the cases but both defendants have declined to do so at this moment.

The two worked on behalf of Ukraine's pro Russia government. Their work with the Ukrainian government ended in 2014 two years before they were involved with the Trump campaign.

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