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We Joined The NRA

My wife and I decided to join the NRA. This choice was due to multiple factors. The main reason we joined was to stand with people who are fighting for our second amendment. This choice didn't come lightly we've always prided ourselves in not joining groups in this way.

The NRA is the oldest and probably most effective, single civil rights organization in the United States. They're the largest group fighting for individual gun rights in the world. This is why the NRA often becomes public enemy number one when politicians, activist, or pundits want to attack our gun rights.

Government failure is often used as the pretext for taking away our rights. The more the government fails, the more they insist on hampering our rights. Whether this is incremental or comprehensive, we stand against these encroachments. Our detractors use children and stand on the bodies of the victims to press their anti-freedom mandates.

Consistently standing in the breach, taking the brunt of the slings and arrows is the NRA. This is why we decided to support this organization and become members. The NRA isn't perfect, but their core mission is worth supporting.

Sometimes the only thing you can do is stand with people who support the things that you support. We hope this inspires others to support the Second Amendment in their own way.

Kevin & Janelle Batts

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