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The Selfish Ledger: Leaked Google Video Reveals Social Engineering 'Thought Experiment'

A leaked internal from Google is sending shivers through tech media. The leaked video titled "The Selfish Ledger" displayed an Orwellian side of Google that has been presenting itself with increasing regularity. The so-called "thought experiment" that the company claims was only used to spark ethical debate within the company is raising some serious concerns.

The video proposes Google use it's vast quantity data build to map social behavior then use that info to nudge individuals toward what the data would suggest is the greater good. For a company that was built on the mantra of "Don't Be Evil" The Selfish Ledger is terrifying look into what may be going on in the company. This is precisely the type of system countries like China are attempting to build at this very moment.

What should be doubly alarming is significant tech firms like Google and Amazon appear to be moving closer toward government entities like the Pentagon and law enforcement. Whether it's providing AI for the Pentagon or selling advanced facial recognition for law enforcement, government and Silicon Valley are getting closer. Vast troves of top secrets files are kept on cloud servers owned by these companies.

The point is if a company wanted to do something like this openly they would probably have limited results. If they sold portions of this tech to governments looking to control a populace it could be very lucrative. That's not to say Google is currently manipulating search results or censoring its content in a nefarious plot to shape public opinion that of course, that would be evil.

Check out our commentary, and the leaked video below an let us know what you think.


The Selfish Ledger





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