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Kavanaugh Nomination Exposed Jezebel Spirit Operating in Our Nation

I can see it. I can see a silhouette. It’s faint at first like a ghostly figure, but then it grows darker and clearer as each moment passes. It’s full figured and robust. It’s cunning, seductive and unbridled. I see the wall and perched on top of it is Jezebel.

Many of you have had the same thought over the past few week: What the heck is happening in America? It seems that living within the constant hurricane and onslaught of delusion and madness has become our new normal. We are surrounded by the wild ones teetering between sanity and insanity. We have witnessed the women’s marches, protests, demonstrations, and outright witchcraft in America today. We have watched the rise of females whose only rallying cry is to their genitalia in opposition to sexism. We have heard the waves of screaming voices being lifted up in mad protest to anyone of the male persuasion. Could we be living in the days spoken of in Thessalonians 2? Are we living in a time where men and women will be given over to delusion because they rejected the truth and love of God?

The “ME TOO” movement has been resuscitated and given more foul breath than ever before. I knew then as I know now...the term “toxic masculinity” was a dog whistle and caveat to plague the nation with a full, deadly dose of toxic femininity which has proven to be far more lethal. As I have observed this, it was then that I saw her. Jezebel. We have spotted her in the open mouths and protruding eyes of women filled with the elation of hatred. We have seen her in the media. We have heard her voice within the nucleus of liberalism and intolerance. Has she been there all along? Has she lurked in the shadows or did we simply not see her? Those questions seem somewhat irrelevant now that her intense presence amongst us is growing. But I wonder...do the Christian women of America see it?

The confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh has unveiled something that we have never witnessed before. Sure, generations have seen the confirmations of many judges. We have seen or read about the waves of women's movements since the 1800’s. We have seen the capability of a forked tongue media that produces what the eyes want to see and soothes the hatred within those that carry it. However, I am not positive that we have witnessed this level of hellacious strategy against the men of America. I do not believe we have seen such a holy war over the supreme court. What I find even more alarming is the number of Christian women who have taken its bait and swallowed the hook all in the name of solidarity. This veil slipped during this nomination process, and those willing to look saw this spirit in all its blindingly raw hatred.

We live in a different time. We live in a time where Christians must discern people, places, objects, structures, movements and atmospheres by the spirit of God. Without this solid element within our faith, we are simply unbound, emotional beings ready to clutch whatever passes. I believe that women should be heard. I think that women should be protected. However, the nature of this current movement is quite the opposite of what women across America have begged for...equality. It seems that women do not desire equality when it comes to bearing the burden of proof. It appears that a woman is to be believed because of her sex and a man is to be judged before being given due process because of his sex.

I believe that a spirit of Jezebel has stolen the show. I believe she has rallied the women of America to release a demonic derailment against the justice system of America. Any woman without the discernment of Holy Spirit will be pulled into this mad oblivion. This deceitful temptress is controlling the future of a generation from at least two avenues. It is destroying the role of the male in creation which causes the dominoes to fall within the family. Where there is no male, the family can and will inevitably break down. Without family structure, there is chaos. It is controlling conception in America through abortion. It’s like watching two birds being killed with one stone and her name is Jezebel. I recently came across a t-shirt in Planned Parenthood’s apparel store. The t-shirt read, “Wicked Jezebel Feminist.” As you can plainly see, her agenda is not hidden. Jezebel is bold. She’s seductive and rebellious. She’s dancing on the wall mocking those who dare oppose her. She hates men. She hates authority. She despises God and all who represent Him.

I humbly ask the Christian daughters of God to wake up from their slumber and rise to the sound of an impending war. Do you know the shepherd’s voice? You must know who’s voice to answer to in this battle. You must carry the ability to separate the light from the darkness. If you do not know, you will be pulled down into a spiral of lies, deception, hatred, and injustice. You must be able to withstand her hypnosis. We must have eyes averted to heaven for strategy and direction. It’s time to take a stand and see Jezebel be thrown off of the wall. In the words of Brett Kavanaugh, “For decades to come, I fear the whole country will reap the whirlwind.”

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