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Things I Learned Watching Kavanaugh Become a Supreme Court Justice

Things I learned watching the Kavanaugh saga play out.

Now that the Kavanaugh Senate confirmation is finally winding down, and Brett has been confirmed to the Supreme court, it's a good time as any to take stock in what we just witnessed. The conduct of some on the left confirmed things I've always known about them, while other things I witnessed took me entirely by surprise. Overall, I feel this was a generational marker for my generation like the Clarence Thomas Confirmation was to men of that generation. This is a moment where if you were blind to who the Left was you were given a chance to witness them without their phony veil of compassion. From this moment going forward, you can no longer delude yourself into thinking that their passion was only for justice and equality. These people are pure ideologues.

I know that most people on the right have a decent grasp of what the far Left is, but most had no idea that this corrosive ideology had infiltrated so far into the mainstream of everyday democrats. It's no secret the democrat party has moved to the Left. What many didn't know until now was what that meant.

My worst fears were realized when I saw the mainstream of the Democrat party embrace "listen and believe", a far left notion that accusers should be believed and the accused are guilty until proven innocent. This belief flips any semblance of due process on its head in the name of radical feminism.

This belief is nothing new to the Democratic party. Democrats of the Jim Crow era embraced a similar type of "listen and believe," except it only pertained to men of color. Listen and believe isn't a law but the ideology of listen and believe like the laws that accompanied Jim Crow came with social norms. The social norms of listen and believe have cost men their jobs, led to expulsions, and false imprisonments. This leaves me terrified for my young black son. I can only imagine what this will be when he enters public education and has to navigate liberal academia. This dovetails with the view of young boys needing to be heavily medicated to control their desire for rambunctious play. Also, that being a young man in and of itself is inherently evil due to "toxic masculinity." Fathers that question this emerging war on boys are ridiculed. I have to teach my son that some people hate not just because of his skin but also because of his genitalia. Individuals harboring the former are pariahs and are powerless to stop him, but the latter could use the levers of government to smash him.

The Republican party was united more than I've ever seen them. The establishment and the base were deeply united. I'm not naive enough to think something like that will last, but I hope the Lindsey Grahams of the world see what happens when you fight. Were it not for everyone fighting, including the nominee himself, we'd be looking at an entirely different scenario.

There were times during this whole ordeal when I wanted to look away. Whether that desire was out of disgust or fatigue, I'm not sure. In those moments I chose to look deeper. I was witnessing something, not one something, lots of somethings. Two things can be true at the same time. Flake was right to push for an FBI probe. That singular thing overwhelmingly turned the tide on the Democrat party's agenda. Flake was also a coward and likely colluded with the Dem's to sabotage this nomination.

The hatred and slander toward Brett Kavanaugh's nomination was just an extension of Trump hatred. We often wonder, what would happen to an average man if he were subject to the amount of hatred our president encounters? Brett Kavanaugh got a small taste of that. If Brett never knew who the Left was, he knows now. Brett is no Clarence Thomas, but there is something they both share to their core. They know what the left is capable of. This is what I learned watching Kavanaugh become a Supreme Court Justice.

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