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Democrats Plan to Introduce An Internet Bill Of Rights

Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi plans to introduce a an internet bill of rights. Some on the right have been clamoring for a government response to the bias coming from silicon valley companies. Democrats were happy to provide that government solution. Democrats in the house plan on releasing the proposal if they take the house this November.

Would the end result of this bill lead to more or less freedom? Like with most things the devils in detail. The answer to unfair bias on social media is for the right to create and embrace platforms that support free speech.

Below is a sample of this internet bill of rights courtesy of Axios.

  • to have access to and knowledge of all collection and uses of personal data by companies;

  • to opt-in consent to the collection of personal data by any party and to the sharing of personal data with a third party;

  • where context appropriate and with a fair process, to obtain, correct or delete personal data controlled by any company and to have those requests honored by third parties;

  • to have personal data secured and to be notified in a timely manner when a security breach or unauthorized access of personal data is discovered;

  • to move all personal data from one network to the next;

  • to access and use the internet without internet service providers blocking, throttling, engaging in paid prioritization or otherwise unfairly favoring content, applications, services or devices;

  • to internet service without the collection of data that is unnecessary for providing the requested service absent opt-in consent;

  • to have access to multiple viable, affordable internet platforms, services and providers with clear and transparent pricing;

  • not to be unfairly discriminated against or exploited based on your personal data; and

  • to have an entity that collects your personal data have reasonable business practices and accountability to protect your privacy.

My other story is about the 2018 midterm Senate elections. Democrat's thought their opposition Kavanaugh would be a slam dunk for their war on women narrative. They had no idea that Republican lawmakers would fight back. However the results of this have been a fired up the Republican base.




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