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Opinion: My 10 Political Predictions for 2019

I have ten political predictions for 2019. This year like others before it promises to be action-packed and have significant implications for the direction of our country. Will we get the border secure? Will Trump be impeached? At this point, only time will tell. Here's my list of political predictions for 2019:

10 People will continue to pour over the border

9 The current Brexit deal will collapse

8 Populist/Nationalist political parties will continue to gain support

7 The battle over internet censorship will get worst

6 The Federal Reserve will halt interest rate increases

5 Republicans in the establishment will start to openly defect from Trump

4 The Supreme Court will be forced to rule on the Obamacare law & Abortion

3 There will be a partial deal on immigration

2 Democratic presidential candidates will wage all out war on each other

1 Trump will be impeached but won't be convicted by the Senate unless the economy crashes

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