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Fox News Poll: Trump Losing to Top 5 Democratic Presidential Candidates

A new poll from Fox News has President Trump losing to the top 5 Democratic primary candidates. The poll released June 16 asked registered voters if the election were held today who would be their pick? The respondents said they would vote for Joe Biden who lead the poll against Trump 49% to 39%. The poll also showed Trump being beat by Bernie Sanders 49% to 40%. This poll comes after a week of reports that claimed the presidents own internal polls showed he was under water in battleground states.

The polls suggest voters overwhelmingly said they wanted "Steady, Reliable Leadership" over "A bold, New Agenda" 72% to 25%. The responses appear to show how detrimental the negative onslaught by the media has been on the president's credibility. Respondents of the poll were asked "Can a politician have low ethical standards and still be a good leader" 35% answered yes while 60% answered no.

Former Vice President Joe Biden currently leads the Democrat primary with 32% with Bernie Sanders who's been losing support is now at 13%. Elizabeth Warren who's been surging is now at 9% Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris are tied with 8% support. Despite momentum shifting among the top 5 prospects, Biden has remained on top due to his support among black Americans.

Key Take Away

The narrative that seems to have taken hold especially on the Democrat side is that Joe Biden is a moderate with a steady hand who can not only bring the country together, but he is also highly ethical. This, of course, rings hollow from a man who got his start at the federal level opposing school desegregation signing onto a measure sponsored by former Klansman, Robert Byrd. He co-authored the 90's crime bill that some liberal activist have said had an outcome that disproportionately hurt people of color. This doesn't even mention his many years of racial comments. As far as ethical conduct is concerned, the former VP is far from it. He bragged about threatening the Ukrainian president with $1 billion in loan guarantees if he didn't fire the lead prosecutor who was leading a corruption probe into a natural gas firm that employed Biden's son.

Polling this early won't tell us much mainly because most Americans only know Trump. Once a nominee is chosen, and they're out front, the negative and positive aspects of that candidate will be exposed. This will create a true contrast of ideas, character and personality. Polling this early only serves to get clicks and shape the narrative of the mainstream media.

Keep in mind at this point in 2015 Jeb Bush was the favored candidate on the Republican side. Hillary Clinton was overwhelmingly favored to win against Trump by a landslide in 2016. The only real poll is the voting booth.

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