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Ex-FBI Agent Charged in Fake Investigation of Former Republican Gov

A Soro's backed prosecutor who orchestrated a political “me too” witch-hunt against former Missouri governor, Eric Greitens, had her lead investigator indicted. The prosecution of the Governor completely fell apart, but only after the Governor was forced to resign. The investigator, an ex-FBI agent William Tisaby, was hit with seven felony charges that included perjury, tampering with a witness and tampering with physical evidence. The prosecutor, St. Louis Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner, has also been entangled in a possible impeachment probe stemming from the politically motivated investigation of the Governor.

The prosecutor, Gardner, is also accused of failing to correct Tisaby's lies, failed to report them to the police, and lied to defense lawyers and the judge. An attorney for the former Governor at the time said "Eric Greitens should still be governor," and "This was a misguided prosecution from the very beginning. It's one of the worst cases of prosecutorial misconduct that I have seen in my 36 years of practicing criminal defense law."

Let's call this what this is, a political prosecution of a Republican by Democrat operatives posing as law enforcement. In this, you see another partisan FBI agent targeting a Republican in an elected office. Kim Gardner, the prosecutor, was chosen by the left-wing precisely because she would do things like this. The only problem is nobody expected her to be caught.

In 2018, Missouri Governor Republican, Eric Greitens, resigned amidst a flurry of scandals that consumed his once-bright political career. During his resignation, Greitens, the former Navy Seal and Rhodes Scholar said, "This ordeal has been designed to cause an incredible amount of strain on my family. Millions of dollars in mounting legal bills, endless personal attacks designed to cause maximum damage to family and friends." The Governor that was once thought to be on the fast track to presidential politics ended his political career in disgrace. Through the process, he maintained his innocence. The Governor was accused of having an affair with a married hairdresser and blackmailing her with photo evidence of their encounters. This photo evidence was never produced or discovered by prosecutors. Supporters of the Governor characterized the encounters as nothing more than “kinky sex”. While the partisan investigators accused the Republican of rape, those accusations turned out to be 100% false and cooked up by an out of control investigator and prosecutor.

The media went along with this; it had everything the mainstream needed in a story. Greitens, a rising conservative voice in a state that seemed to be going purple and a so-called rape victim with a liberal women of color leading the prosecution are all the elements of a lifetime movie, except this isn't a movie.

Breitbart offered the most cogent synopsis of the situation writing in an article on the matter.

"Here's the story: In St. Louis, Missouri, in 2018, a man was indicted for a felony for allegedly taking a compromising photograph of his mistress. From the beginning, the details were sketchy: the woman wasn't sure if she'd seen a flash or heard a phone click. Under cross-examination, she revealed even more uncertainty. It turns out, she'd never actually seen a phone. She'd never seen a camera. She'd never seen a photo.

Oh — and she might have dreamt the whole thing up. That's right: when asked by the prosecutor whether she had seen a phone, she said it was something she may once have had a dream about.

As everyone reading should know by this point, the man under indictment is Eric Greitens — the sitting, popular, conservative former Navy SEAL and Governor of Missouri. The prosecutor who brought the indictment in St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner — a reckless, liberal, George Soros-funded prosecutor who has made it her mission to go after law enforcement instead of criminals. The dream is the strangest element in what has been a deeply strange case, but it's worth underlining this issue: the allegation at the beating heart of this prosecution — that years before he took office, the Governor used a phone, took a compromising photo of his mistress, and threatened her with blackmail — might all have been a dream.

It sounds like fiction. It is fact.

Gardner is the same prosecutor who said in 2018 her office wouldn't bring charges or hear any evidence in cases brought by certain police officers. She provided an "exclusion list" of 28 officers that she provided to the police department."

Final thoughts

The Governor had no other choice but to bend the knee to this torrent of lies and filth. The cost of fighting the state and the media can be a heavy toll to pay. Who will pay back the millions spent by this man defending himself against an accusation that could've sent him to prison? If this were you or me, we'd surely be somewhere rotting in a cell. The only reason he was able to defend himself is that he had the financial means to do so.

Greitens was no angel in this ordeal; he did cheat on his wife. He came clean early, but he was no rapist. The media was more than happy to go along with this narrative. Our legal system is once again being weaponized by the Left to inflict maximum damage on Republicans who are effective in the political landscape.

The Left doesn't just want to see their political opponents defeated at the ballot box, they want to see them imprisoned. They want complete destruction. To them, all opposition is illegitimate and should be illegal in itself. The media wrings their hands when Trump supporters chant “lock her up” at rallies, but the Democrat party is the only one following through on it. Hopefully everyone involved ends up in prison, and every facet of this evil plot is exposed for all to see

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