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The Lefts Continued March Into Our Public Schools

The left continues its march toward indoctrinating as many kids as possible using our public school systems as the means to do it. Today we look at two stories that clearly document this encroachment.

The first story is out of the Los Angeles Unified School district, where they’ve allowed Planned Parenthood into the schools. The benefits to PP are two-fold; they get the revenue for providing the service, and they also get to establish a relationship with these young people.

A group of pro-life college students is pushing back against this and is asking the school district for equal access to the students. The group wants to be able to go into the school to provide a counterbalance to PP narrative. The group faces an uphill battle and may not be successful in this request, but this is better than nothing.

The second story is out of Minnesota. A small conservative town with a population of 13 thousand has a school district that has decided to hang up an LGBTQ flag. The state of Minnesota is a blue state, mainly due to one large city. The rest of the, however, is pretty conservative. The students and parents are obviously up in arms about this, but the school doesn’t seem to be budging on the matter. The students even started a petition drive to get equal messaging put out like a pro-family flag. They were rejected. A legal foundation has taken on their case. The school has made themselves an adversary of this community that simply wishes not to have their children taught.

Whether it’s rural America or liberal enclaves, the left is infiltrating our communities, and they use public schools to do it. They are being rejected in so many ways around the world, but they hold the trump card with their infiltration of places of learning. Doing this enables them always to be able to churn out more people that share their views. Either school is going to provide an ideological balance, or they need to remain neutral to political activities. It’s genuinely apparent that these public schools have become breeding grounds for liberal indoctrination.

What can we do? We can do what these communities are doing. Get involved, pay attention, and push back where you can. I kids have got to be taught where and when it is appropriate to stand up to this. The left is raising a generation of activists, and it’s time folks on the right started doing the same. Homeschooling is a second option for parents. Some states like mine (Oklahoma) offer alternatives to public education, as well as the plethora of online options that have sprung up over the past decade. Homeschooling isn’t for everyone. If homeschooling isn’t an option, it is still possible to fortify your children as they move through a biased public school system. The best defense against indoctrination is a strong grounding in Christian teaching. A support structure that encourages the child to learn and ask questions about their faith and the world around them. Active, engaged parents are the first line of defense to defeat this.

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