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Are We Sure We Want To Be Christians?

Are we sure that we want to be Christians?

In our nation, times are changing, shifting, people are being shifted. Political landscapes are being shifted. People are finding themselves on different sides of history. Amidst that change, I find that many Christians have decided to take the position of silence as mayhem continues to unfold. This silence is not a newly adopted position, it's rather familiar; it's a comfortable place.

A few years ago, I spoke of a sacred ground that many Christians were standing on. This sacred ground was the grey area; a safe place where one could remain while the battle waged. But the grey area has been disappearing for quite some time. Those that desire peace to avert the battle no longer have that choice. One is engaged in the fight, or one is being taken over by the opposition. There is no in-between.

When I watch Christians choose to attack the president and remain offended because he wasn't their choice, I often wonder if Christians in this country even grasp the level of hatred that the Left has towards Christianity and anything that represents Jesus Christ for that matter. Do they realize how different aspects of society have been used to mock Christians?

Modern American mainstream culture is now fully anti-Christian. This should've been expected because the fight of good versus evil has been ongoing since the beginning. For the first time, a majority of Christians in America have realized a truth. Their country is anti-Christian even at a systemic level and this leaves many of us with a choice. One can sink slowly into obscurity comforted by the four walls of your local church, hoping that some silent majority will stand up. Or be the voice of change you want to see in this country. What does it mean to have a majority if the majority of our side is silent? The idea of there being a silent majority is an endorsement that allows Christians to remain quiet while the few stand up to face the brunt of religious bigotry. This walk with God will not be without strife or struggle. There is a cross that we must bear. Fear or threat. Sacrifice or cost. Is the opposition the real threat against our nation? Or is it apathetic Christians that choose to sacrifice Jesus on the altar of self-protection? Is the real threat those that hide in the sea of conformity rather than take a stand and change a nation?

So again, I will ask you and myself. Are we sure that we want to be Christians?

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