• Kevin Batts

Joe Biden Won't Be President

Joe Biden will not be president because he's a bystander in this race, not a factor. An Obama endorsement won't carry him across the finish line nor will the fumes of the Obama White House. Joe is running on a strategy of going back to the past. He campaigns on the premise of taking us back to the Obama years. The candidate fails to see this is the campaign that Hillary Clinton ran in 2016. They frame this as a return to normalcy, but there is nothing normal about supporting a man in clear cognitive decline. Secondly, the idea of normalcy flies out the window; the second Biden opens his mouth.

The fumes of an Obama presidency may have been enough to carry him to the nomination, but it won't be enough to win him the White House. By all accounts, Biden skated through the primary with his opponents, mostly treating him with kid gloves. Anytime he was challenged, the opponent would eventually back off. This won't be the case for old Joe once he steps in the ring against Donald Trump. Joe Biden's success as a candidate so far has been based on the actions of exterior forces, whether that be the media or his opponents. A consummate bystander in the presidential race, Biden seeks to Mr. Magoo his way into the Oval office. There is nothing Biden can do to win or lose this race. He lacks charisma. Most of his support comes due to proximity, and his luck so far has been manufactured by the media. It is slowly becoming blatantly apparent that Biden is simply a figurehead. Biden, even in more lucid times, has never been a competent politician. His other presidential campaigns ended in a complete disaster. The real question is, what kind of spouse would allow her husband to be used in this fashion? This has the possibility to be the most embarrassing defeats of a presidential candidate in our lifetimes. There is a real chance that Biden melts down in a nationally televised presidential debate. It's not hard to imagine Biden stuttering and stammering apologizing in a cringe-worthy debate against Donald Trump that ends with everyone seeing what most politicos have known for some time. After President Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Nancy Reagan was very protective of her husband because she knew this was key to protecting his legacy. She didn't want the world to see what this terrible disease had done to him. Jill Biden, Joe's wife, has taken the opposite tack. She knows this will tarnish his legacy in unimaginable ways, but for the left, the ends justify the means even if that means sacrificing your family. As shocking as that may sound, what else are we to assume watching this train wreck play out? The real nail in the coffin of the Biden presidency is his lifetime of support of China. Biden has been a friend of the Chinese communist party for decades. Never mind the accusations of Biden's sons profiting off of their proximity to the vice president, and you have a recipe for trouble. In this post-Covid-19 era, the ads against Joe Biden on China alone will be devastating. Joe Biden will only be president if Donald Trump lets him. Biden can't capture the White House of his own accord. He is the bystander Mr. Magoo candidate wandering aimlessly while the real folks pulling the strings conspire in the shadows.

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