• Kevin Batts

The Politics of Fear: Pandemic Politics

They want you to be afraid. The Politics of Fear is far-reaching, and its disciples are too numerous to mention. Pandemic politics has led everyday Americans to not only demand liberty restraining policies but to become active participants in this tyranny. Local government officials appear to be in a contest to see who can restrict their constituent's liberties the most. The broad and ever-expanding powers issued by executive decrees have a mostly corrosive effect. The results of this encroachment results in the leaders being showered with praise from a fawning media. Elected leaders who resist these power grabs or call for balance are targets of ridicule and endless smears until they submit.

The get Donald Trump media continues to beclown themselves in their efforts to blame a global pandemic on our president. The mission is two-fold to protect China and to damage Trump's presidential chances. The results have been great damage to our economy, personal liberty, and more damage to the institution of journalism itself. The media is almost fanatical in its defense of all things China. They've managed to transform legitimate critiques of the CCP (Chinese Communis Party) into racism. The ultimate goal is to keep America hooked to the television. The daily spin cycle of doom and gloom keep the dwindling ad revenue pouring in. By design, this industry feeds on the despair of its customers. This is a wholly unsustainable endeavor that is and will continue to fail. China has managed to avoid any severe rebuke from world governments. After the dust settles on this current pandemic, it should be clear to most around the world that it was a mistake letting China have such a prominent seat at the world stage. Companies should take heed, and countries should work on getting more of their critical industries out of China. Even with all this, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We do appear to be flattening the curve in different hot zones around the world. We also seem to be doing this while coming under the death count estimates, which is especially great. We've also seen great promise from hydroxychloroquine the malaria drug. It's one of the top prescribed COVID-19 treatments in Spain. A survey of over 6,000 European doctors rated it the best treatment for COVID-19. Regardless of the lies in the American press, folks on the ground have used this drug with great success. New York appears to be in the early stages of flattening the curve. For four straight days, New York hospitals have discharged more coronavirus patients than they admitted. Governor Cuomo has said they have more than adequate bed space and ventilators. The White House Caronavirus taskforce is saying that they are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The data being provided to the task force is starting to point to a slowing of new cases. The president even endorsed the idea of a second task force that would work on getting the country back to work. This episode is almost over, and if Washington's efforts with the stimulus work as intended (it may not), we could be looking at a rapid rebound in the economy. You have to remember we've never done this before. This economic downturn isn't the result of bad businesses or a bubble in the market. The fundamentals in this economy still make sense in most respects. It's time for Americans to get back to work. It's also past time to hold China accountable.

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